Breaking Bad, my favorite show

I’ve told people I love this show because it awards the short attention spans of American’s that much more than shows like The Wire (I only got up to the start of Season 4 of the Wire).

I had things I didn’t like about the show, like the belief that Tuco was waiting outside’s Walter’s house in his SUV as was depicted by a cigarette smoking in a black SUV as Walter took out his trash, which turned out not to be the case, as he wasn’t casing Walter.

Same goes for Jesse in Season 5 thinking that the bald guy was a hitman which lead to Jesse hating Walt (yet again), but ultimately driving the rest of the story for season 5.  I just thought that was bad writing.

But… I still loved the show.  Bryan Cranston drove through as the best character (Jesse became a side character in season 5, someone to be pitied).  But, I really liked Jesse’s acting (Aaron Paul).  He was a very good actor, he had such a wider range than Bryan played.

I also don’t believe Walter White was a schizo Heisenberg/Walter. I mean he never really adopted the Heisenberg role too much. He just used it when it benefited him. I believe he played the same character all the way through, but just covered up his second life with pathological lying. As the seasons went on, his lies started to fall apart, until at the very end, he was just honest. I never thought he was two persona’s, just one using lies to cover it up.

Anyways, here’s a good spoilerish breakdown of what happens in the 1st four seasons.

Probably my best speech in the show, jump to 1m18s

Good interview with Bryan Cranston on his opinion of ending the series and the show’s direction/art in general

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