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Pinches Pizza

I’ve been going to this restaurant for about 6 months now. I ordered once online thanks to either yelp or grub hub after getting tried of my two old tried and true pizza places (Pizza Palace and Canadian Pizza) and lo and behold, a beautiful pizza delivery girl shows up. So of course I ordered more pizza the following week.

I then decided to actually drive there and check it out since it wasn’t too far down the street (Anaheim/Cherry area) and they had a 25 cent video game machine with about 20 games on it!

Not to mention there food is actually pretty damn good and the price is quite affordable (a large cheese I think is like $6). The tomato sauce they use for their pizza is sweet, and I like that.

King Taco Verde Salsa is the best

I describe King Taco as the “Soup Nazi” of Taco restaurants. I say this because everything is behind the counter. Napkins, salsa (which is limited by # of items you order), even their damn straws! Also, there seating is minimalist, hard benches that are not removable from the floor.

However, they run a tight shop. There also very similar to the in and out of Taco restaurant’s. They are popular, so cal only, and have a ton of restaurants and a constant customer supply.

However, there salsa is what I love the most, and no one can seem to place that secret ingredient that’s in it.