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Greece Based RPG Setting

I’ve been working on this for years

14 pgs so far.

Got plausible hooks for lichs, vampires, and werewolves.

My own magic system studied from what I could gather from neoplatonism and gnostic and I’ll obviously indulge all the mythos.

Got the pantheons for babylon, Greece, Hindu, Egypt. Its very rich. Im thinking a bronze/classical hodgepodge around the Mediterranean. I even have maps

Elves, Dwarves, Gnomes

public access:

Created a Magic the Gathering Random Meta Deck Generator

This started out as an idea using Excel and Magic Assistant and eventually turned into 3 5 iterations.

The goal is to create quantity of cards to pull from specific categories, those categories being

  • creatures,
  • instants,
  • sorceries,
  • enchantments/artifacts.

How I have my cards sorted, by color (one column, except for 5+, those are in their own column (left most)), then by category, and finally by Mana Point breakdown, ending in either 4+ (non creature) or 5+ creature.

I then capture this information by measuring the width of these categories (when the cards are stacked) in mm on graph paper (makes organization so much easier).  I then input these data points into the spreadsheet into the boxed-in areas under input Quantities.  This becomes the basis for the weights for the weighted sum algorithms that are derived from the ratios between mana color categories.

The Outputs are represented in the boxed-in areas under the Results Dashboard tab (see example under V5.3)


Fixed Mana Allocation, set to # of Cards for Factoring Influence and added a Row()/1000 as a signature to avoid duplicate rank bug

Google Drive Link


Bolded Colors

Fixed algorithm for factored importance for mana allocation.  Derived off of a proper sumproduct of mana cost * quantity in that mana cost category (vs avg Mana Cost * quantity).





new features

  • Added Mana features

Assumes no distribution other than from your cards.


The boxed area is where you input the measurement of these pre-defined categories which make the frequency bin formula work.  This is nothing more than a fancy weighted sum algorithm.

5 Colors

4 Colors

3 Colors

5 Colors (v 5.0)


Magic RNG v5.xlsx


Cleaned up data (sorry for the discoloration, screenshot captured my f.lux)

2017-12-17 RNG Magicv4


Removed unneeded old data which was initially used to model a complete rebuild.  Makes the algorithm easier to read.  Meta tab for analysis of card population, meta model, monte carlo, and analysis of monte carlo results

Google Sheet Version

2017-12-17 RNG Magicv4


I set some design goals and used measurements of the thickness in CM of each category of my cards and calculated that into the ratio’s for distributing cards in both aspects of Mana Cost and Categories within specific color combinations.

Data collection and post analysis outlier highlights

2017-12-17 RNG Magicv4


Does not require any specific Microsoft product to operate (doesn’t rely on any scripting), which means I can host it on google sheets.



Learned I could utilize sql in excel from here:

Here is the version with SQL


Formatting Cards-All-2017-01-22

Formatting Cards-All-2017-01-22

I ended up buying 4000 cards for $50 and didn’t feel like manually inputting them all to get cards names, so I made this final version that generates just enough meta data for me to do random pulls, and all I need to do is setup the categories correctly into their respective mana pools (in my case creatures: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5+, non-creatures: 1, 2, 3, 4+).


Here is one of the closer to original sheets I had developed which has a pivot chart screenshott’ed which includes 2500 cards imported from Magic Assistant

This version didn’t use any sql

Formatting Cards


Epiphany about a perfect [kids] tactical rpg

Believe it or not, my understanding of philosophy [segmented wisdom or… function approximations of the crowd] as well as gaming brought me to this conclusion.

I think I just had an epiphany.

Children like to play games, so do adults.

Adults like to complicate it. Children don’t wish to be pidgeon holed into one decision.

Combine ranking voting methods. Children can apply actions to characters in a game in a tactical order. They can have up to 5 decisions (characters) on how to carry out actions.

Make it simple enough… you can accomplish almost the same amount of complexity of actions as a single player character using a myraid of 5 characters with simplified rules.

Thesis: Simplify rules down to 1 character actions that are quick, allow multiple characters to control (aka tactical rpg)

Concept is…

fast play for 1 character w [simple] multiple options * multiple characters = more than you’d get with a single player rpg.

Hero Kids RPG

I’ve been playing this game with my son, my daughter played the first time, but lately it’s just my son and I (my wife did a hand once, but she says the game is too ‘slow’).

It can be bought through Good buy, you can buy the complete package for $20, highly recommend it.