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Why aren’t we an Aristotlean society?

Education should be the rule, you know why it’s not? Christianity… they suppress common sense and pursuit of truth in pursuit of their own truth [along with any other oppressive religion (of knowledge)]. Look at Texas. We need a revival of “what is knowledge/truth” in this country, which requires philosophy/logic integration into the humanities. The sciences have even been crying about how philosophy is dead… it’s because it’s not guiding us… religion is.

Interesting Numbers about GPA averages

I have a 3.6 GPA (just broke the isthmus on that one) and I was thinking about how much my school inflated it and how my GPA compared nationally and to my fellow man based on ethnically defined circumstances.

I was wondering if the distribution curve was bell shaped and where the 50% mark was/is.

GPA by ethnicity (High School)

GPA averages for universities (nothing to do with race)

Here’s an image of how the curve of gpa distribution plays out. If you notice the above 2 graphs show an average inflation of about .2 since the 90’s. You can just add .2 to the numbers below to get a general idea of gpa distribution today.

sourced from:
GPA distribution

The US and College

people think college makes you better, and I have to say that with a 3.6 gpa at a highly rated school in the States.

I feel that everyone else is being cut short from their true potential. It’s a dog eat dog world out there, and generally only those with parents who can afford for their child to go to higher education achieve the majority of the benefits our society has to offer.

It shouldn’t be this way, everyone deserves an equal playing field.

Unfortunately, I also feel that our economy is stacked against this way for a reason. I think it’s economical, we need to have the have’s and the have-nots for capitalism to work, we just do it this way because those without an education don’t realize it as much, or at least have the words and facts to articulate it well enough to point it out and cry for justice.

It’s like modern day slavery warped and wrapped into a new form. It’s called minimum wage trap and those who are not in it. We all have the potential for great ideas, but a lot are stifled so a few can survive, because the money we have, we don’t want to equalize it.