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Calvinism & Determinism

I “used” to be a Calvinist.

I used to believe that if a person went to Hell for eternity, GOD sent him their knowing before he created him, that he created him in such a way, that he would “choose” his path, and end up in hell.

I.e. free will is an illusion, that we are a product of our environment.

After psychology class in high school, this further cemented my belief.

After abandoning all this thinking. I became aware of per-determinism (vaguely introduced with psychology)… that follows along the same principles. Pistons firing in our brains (i.e. electrons) cause our neural networks (reference many Computer Science material) to fire in a specific pattern to result in exact outputs (AI research is beautiful).

To make a long story short. I’ve heard/read that with quantum mechanics (in spite of quantum computing). That things will result in a certain result… even if we can’t predict it at a certain point… so at a quantum level, there is a debate. But there is a quantum vs determinism view. I believe that it’s Determinism. It fits into my Calvinist view. That God set everything up such a way for humanity to learn from itself to “hopefully” create a better society, or to fail completely to show our faults… Not sure what it is we’re reaching for in that aspect.

Anyways, I’ve included the 5 points of Calvinism here, as a reference to what they believed and how it tied in with what I’m talking about. Main points are Unconditional Election & Limited Atonement

Followup material

I mentioned this post just to make clear my connection to Deism and the rest of the shite I believe in.

I mean… if SHIT MAKES SENSE… then didn’t SENSE MAKE US? Does it make sense that nonsense made us? It’s like saying randomness typed up a 100 page script for a movie. It would make more sense to look at the script and determine that an author wrote it.