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Turing GAN

I was thinking about how GAN’s have been used to create real life looking images and thought… we have chatbot’s that sound realistic enough (chatGPT). Couldn’t GAN’s be used to develop a conversation system (chatbot for lack of better word) that was validated by a GAN in much the same way as GAN’s are used to generate realistic images? The engine would just keep correcting itself until it passed the GAN’s thresholds.


Artificial Intelligence, Rational Agents, and Guided Evolving Behaviour

Edit (2018-12-20):

What i’m talking about here is skimming top performer’s either via outlier’s or those in their respective qualitative classes (such as those with positive residuals in a predictor effect plot)

Initial Post: 2014-10-07

I work on this algorithm for Dwarf Therapist where I try to derive a % fit for a specific Job (Role) per Dwarf; based on a composition of their various variables.

I realized this is what Monte Carlo simulations due to derive probabilities for events (integration).

One could use the higher %’s in further carry forward simulations as a way to direct behavior.

Currently evolution is used to create future successive generations based on performance (survival of the fittest) which is easily extended into AI.