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Using ICPSR polling data of 8th & 10th grade Americans. I transform from a set of predictor terms into what I call a “semiotic grid” of 1’s and 0’s which are then used to identify a class of 1’s and 0’s of desired outcomes of 3 specific response terms. GPA, gang fights, and (gasp) presence of psychedelic drug use.

I use monte carlo resampling to achieve class balancing and do a modified bestglm algorithm to get a wider set of terms via cross validation then through Cross Validated holdout analysis then tabulated. That’s just for initial factor reduction/pooling potential candidates. Then these terms go through more class balancing, cross validation once more using actual bestglm unmodified to arrive at a final regression formula as well as terms that are always population significant & closing with ROC.

I am offering the project as a type of open house to potential employers to determine if my skillset would be a good fit for what you hope to do with numbers.

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