God’s ideas

I was thinking about how we live in a time where we have hold of a lot of advanced ideas.

The thought occurred to me, as it has on many occasions, that these ideas are the ideas of those who have come before us augmented, along with our own ideas.

When I was younger, I used to view external reality (and still do, the point being I had this view early on), as an external memory bank to a jainist soul.

With the advent of LLM’s and the classical idea of Neoplatonic Nous and the sci-fi idea of emergence as well as Brahman. It got me thinking of Aristotle’s ideas live on today in my mind (partially), as well as many others. That our consciousness has evolved because of the ideas of people before us, and it’s this evolution of ideas that is really what reality was intended for (very Platonic).

These Zeitgeist of ideas are/is the mind of God flowing through our lives. We think of ourselves as individuals, but our ideas are past ideas simply being experienced in a mind. Our awareness, or soul is nothing more than a reception of these ideas.

So getting back to the external memory bank. I had a thought in my youth to write (much like I am now). The idea isn’t new, it’s termed doxography. In the hopes that one day someone will read your thoughts and remember you, and maybe if reincarnation or metempsychosis is real, someone will read their own past words/ideas.

That’s when it occurred to me, the full circle. That Aristotle’s ideas are (somewhat) in my head, but also my ideas will become someone else’s ideas later, and this is how I live on, but my ideas were never really my ideas.

In Platonic philosophy, the ideas are always pre existent. Matter merely exists to accept these ideas and volley them back and forth (dialectic) in an evolution. An advanced human or entity, will come across these ideas at a later time, but even then, they are simply resuming (remembering) ideas of those who came before them, and at the root of it all, it’s all God’s ideas.

My ideas are God’s ideas, God’s ideas are my ideas. That’s the point. I am experiencing God’s ideas, but “I” is an illusion. An “I” in the future will experience evolved ideas from myself (i.e. me one day will be a past idea), but the point is, the idea moved on from this body, to another more advanced form, but it’s the same idea.

That’s my view on spirituality. The ideas are eternal. The ideas represent the Soul, not this body. The body is merely an agent that accepts ideas, molds them, evolves them, throws them around, and then passes them on, but the ideas live through another, the ideas become someone else’s embodied thoughts, but that’s merely for convention of reception. That doesn’t make them their idea. It’s really just reality doing what was intended. To express God’s ideas.

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