I work because I don’t own property (I have a mortgage). If I had property, depending on it’s value, I could trade some of it to acquire goods.

Property is the proverbial carrot on the stick in American life. You want property where it’s appealing. By keeping us from acquiring it and focusing on consumer goods, keeps us addicted to the american economy.

So you work and pay rent to live in an appealing place. If you don’t own property, you don’t have any option not to pay rent. By keeping the acquisition of property artificially high with barriers to entry (such as 10% or what have you, which is arguably creating more access, but you get my point when I mention how VA home loans and FHA loans allow subsidies to qualified buyers) forces people into categories of more and less privileged when it comes to gaining access to it so begin the rat race of competition where the government can now offer subsidized school loans as a type of indentured servitude to the american economy all in the hopes of acquiring that dangling carrot on the stick. Property.

That last piece. It’s value is artificially inflated. It’s mainly hubris because no one really acquires it (some do, but that’s the point, it’s like a pyramid scheme). We’re all kind of floating on varying layers of acquisition of it with our rents, mortgages, and (or not) equity.

By keeping it at bay, it remains a proverbial carrot on the stick while most people don’t even realize it’s impact on our daily lives of the rat race. By keeping property out of our reach, it forces us to work.

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