Sacred Geometry

“The Mind of the Father made a jarring noise, understanding by unwearied counselOmniform ideas: which flying out from one fountainThey sprung forth: for from the Father was the will and the end;(By which they are connected with the FatherAccording to alternate life from several vehicles,)But they were divided, being by intellectual fire distributedInto other Intellectuals: For the king previously placed before the multiform worldAn intellectual, incorruptible pattern, the print of whose formIs promoted through the world, according to which things the world appearedBeautified with all-various Ideas; of which there is one fountain,From this the others rush forth distributed,And separated about the bodies of the world, and are borneThrough its vast recesses like swarmsTurning themselves on all sides in every direction,They are Intellectual conceptions from the paternal fountain,Partaking abundantly the flower of Fire in the point of restless time,But the primary self-perfect fountain of the FatherPoured forth these primogenial ideas.


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